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C&R Worldwide Logistics is a full-service logistics management agency specializing in Tradeshow Logistics and Planning as well as High-Value product movement. Our goal is to stand out from the competition by solving challenging tradeshow transportation issues and providing high quality service. We are agents for one of the top airfreight and vanline providers in the industry and understand the complex nature of tradeshows, deadlines, and attention to detail required for each and every show we handle.

With over 45 years of experience combined, we have aligned ourselves with the best specialized tradeshow logistics transportation providers in the industry. Because of the long-term relationships we have developed in the industry, our team of providers goes the extra mile for us and our clients.


The trade show industry is defined by critical timelines and specific shipping requirements. C&R Worldwide Logistics provides the quality transportation and shipping services that trade show customers require.

Whether domestic or international, we are ready to handle the planning, implementation, and control of your tradeshow booth properties from the point of origin to its destination.

A Vietnam War veteran (honorable discharge), Chip’s career in the tradeshow transportation business started back in the late 70s. He quickly realized that the common carriers were damaging tradeshow shipments in their handling to and from the shows; refurbishing costs were off the charts. To address this issue, he introduced specialized air ride carrier shipping (Van Lines), reducing a lot of the damage caused by bumps and shock. Although the shipping cost was higher when using air ride technology, transportation damage was all but eliminated. He convinced major corporations and exhibit houses to see the value of combining air ride transportation, logistics, and creativity together; and this process is still used successfully today.

Chip started C&R Logistics to ensure that tradeshow clients received the specialized services they needed at cost-effective prices. Having been in the business for so long, he understands the unique challenges involved with shipping tradeshow exhibits and high value products. He uses his experience to ensure that timelines are met, shipments arrive on time, and that customers are happy with the process.

One of his claims to fame: 30 years ago, Chip receive a call for help from the Jewish Historical Society to move an exhibit on the life story of Jackie Robinson, the 1st black baseball player to make it to the big leagues. The exhibit consisted of a full tractor trailer and needed to get to the Statute of Liberty. The island itself had a lift capable of lifting both the tractor and trailer, but the challenge was how to get them to the island. After a lot of thought, Chip decided to call a barge company in New York that could lift the tractor and trailer onto a barge, float the barge over to the Statue, and reverse the process to retrieve it at the end. They were able to pull it off and the exhibit arrived on time. Later, he returned to pack the exhibit up and removed it off the island, once again on time.

Renee’s experience with the tradeshow industry started in 1999. She began by working for her dad at an agency for North American Van Lines. When Renee began, she had no idea what her father did for a living. But she started learning by following him to meetings, meeting clients, and attending tradeshows. Through these early experiences, Renee was introduced to all aspects of the job. When her dad left his job in 2003 to start his own company, she made the decision to join him.

At C&R Logistics, Renee deals with the overall general management of the company including vendor relations, customer service, estimating, and more.

Renee lives in Rhode Island with her husband and two very active sons.

Jennifer recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary at C&R Logistics. When she joined the C&R Logistics team in 2007, she had little understanding and knowledge of what the company did. But she quickly learned about the industry and how all the various pieces come together to when it comes to tradeshow logistics.

Her role at C&R Logistics is to provide customer support, process orders, review individual tradeshow details, and general office support.

Jennifer lives in Massachusetts with her two daughters and husband.